Aldi sells organic jeans for 15 euros
Organic Jeans GOTS-certified: at Aldi for 15 € (Screenshot: Aldi Süd website on 02/22/2016)
Organic Jeans GOTS-certified: at Aldi for 15 € (Screenshot: Aldi Süd website on 02/22/2016)

German discounter Aldi has announced a new budget option- an organic jeans for a competitive price of 15 euros. Is it good?  Under the slogan “. So convenient to be organic,” the discounter provides an overview of different products that are more sustainable than conventional goods in its website. Some of them are Organic-Jeans (15 €) and a sweater (10 €), a T-shirt and a tank top (5 €) and two different kinds of briefs (per 4 €).

Aldi states that the products will have Oeko-Tex 10o label. In addition these products also have GOTS label. The GOTS guidelines (Global Organic Textile Standard) are considered strictly and guarantee consistently ecological and socially responsible textile along the entire textile chain.

When compared to other organic products in the market, Aldi’s jeans is the most affordable. The organic jeans for women by H & M Conscious Collection costs just under 40 euros. This is also already cheap, at least compared to brand jeans over 100 Euro. But here is in terms of sustainability not (non-certified) organic cotton in the foreground (23%), but the product obtained from cellulose fabric Lyocell (67 percent). So is not directly comparable, but it shows that you can already get organic jeans for little money.

The organic jeans for men from C & A costs 19 euros, a lot of women’s jeans on this page to jeans and Organic jeans are 15 Euro. This is clearly comparable, however, these are only to jeans with organic cotton without recognizable certification, a strict GOTS label is not there to have for this money. But C & A processes now become 40% organic cotton and will by 2020 make 100% of it.

These organic jeans from Tchibo costs just 30 euros and are OCS-certified (OCS 100).  Aldi has various ways to keep the price low. Thus the textile industry traditionally worked with high margins: portion earned the merchant 30% to 60% (at points more) of what the garment will cost the customer (which explains why we can lower prices so strong for Sale). As discounters Aldi can keep this margin small and still make money – just with the amount of sale.