Aldi says farewell to Kevin the Carrot Christmas advert 

The time has come to say a fond farewell to Kevin, the luckiest and bravest of carrots, as Aldi’s final instalment of their Christmas advert premiers during This Morning on ITV at 11.25am.

Kevin’s adventure started as he embarked upon a journey across a table lavishly laden with a delicious Christmas dinner – dodging tumbling potatoes, navigating an icy champagne bucket, and narrowly avoiding a flaming Christmas pud – our hero finally reached the fireplace and closed his eyes for a quick 40 winks. The magic of Christmas saved the day and Kevin found himself soaring through the skies on the antlers of a reindeer pulling Father Christmas’s sleigh.

Once again narrated by actor and Golden Globe winner, Jim Broadbent, and accompanied by the iconic John Williams’ Home Alone soundtrack, Kevin’s escapades now draw to a close. With a flick of a reindeer’s head, Kevin finds himself tumbling back down to earth landing with a thud and a bounce in the fireplace of a family already tucking into their exquisite turkey and a Specially Selected feast.

Sad to have missed the presents and the turkey, little Kevin once again gets himself into a fiery situation, but before he knows it he spots the family’s dog and runs for his life once again!

As he steps out into the snowy garden and just when he thinks he’s safe…yet more drama awaits, and he is catapulted through the air by his furry pursuer. As he lands head first into the nose-less face of a snowman, Kevin realises the true meaning of Christmas – bringing joy and happiness to others.

Sure to melt the iciest of hearts and raise a chuckle from every Scrooge across the land, Kevin’s final outing might not be his last – send your farewells to Aldi UK’s Facebook page and keep an eye out for an exciting competition… Winners might just find something sprouting up on their doorstep!