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Aldi reports security risks in IP cameras sold in its stores

aldiAldi Nord reports security risks in IP Camera sold through its stores. Aldi IP surveillance cameras has been recalled many times during last year also. There were reports that these cameras were sold with massive security problems. While in operation, hackers could have access to the camera images and audio on the Internet. They could also trace the passwords for WiFi, email and FTP access of the IP camera’s owner.
Aldi informed that the following IP camera models have been affected: IPC-10 AC, IPC-100 AC and IPC-20 C. Due to the vulnerabilities in IP surveillance cameras, the manufacturer MAGINON has updated its firmware. Aldi Nord has informed shoppers that a firmware update for “Maginon IPC-100 AC” is available. The company recommends owners of these IP cameras to immediately check whether the camera software up to date, and if not, install the available update.
For this one need to open the software “Supra IPC Config” on the PC. If your software is not up to date, the software automatically opens a Note with the possibility to install an update. The manufacturers MAGINON has also informed clients to protect the IP camera with a password. MAGINON offers customer service at +49 (0) 631 3428441.

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