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Aldi recalls smoked trout after listeria threats


Supermarket chain Aldi recalls smoked rainbow trout 125g after listeria bacteria threats were found. The store asks customers who purchased natural, pepper and garlic flavoured smoked rainbow trout to not eat them and return it to the stores to get a full discount. The affected products includes Smoked Rainbow Trout 125g, in the natural flavors (€ 1.89), pepper and garlic (both € 1.85) of the firm H. van Wijnen B.V.

The Smoked Rainbow Trout from firm H. van Wijnen B.V. was found to have presence of Listeria bacteria. The listeria bacteria in certain quantities could be dangerous to health. The store in its statement to the customers said, “We ask you not to eat this product and whether or not come, to return to one of our stores. You obviously will refund the purchase price. We thank you for your cooperation and offer our apologies for the inconvenience.”

Listeria is a bacteria that can cause foodborne infection. The risk of contamination with Listeria is small, but the consequences can be serious.  Especially pregnant women should be careful because it can lead to that group to miscarriage or premature birth. Listeria is found mainly in long kept chilled products that are eaten without heating. Risk products are raw milk soft cheese, pre-packed smoked fish and raw animal products.

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