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Aldi: “Knot bag” now cost money


Plastic bags at the cash register are not available at Aldi since last year. Now the discounter is also battling the thin bags in the fruit and vegetable department.

First, Aldi wants to change the bags to a renewable resource, which is produced in sugar cane production. But Aldi wants to take a cent per bag – a rather symbolic amount. On the internet, Aldi writes:

The numbers confirm that the pricing of the plastic bags has obviously moved consumers to rethink. We pursue a similar principle with the symbolic cent for our disposable bags in the fruit and vegetable sector.

(Kristina Bell, Aldi South)

The bio-based variant is, like conventional plastic, disposed of over the yellow bin and can thus be recycled again. The advantage of the bag is that no oil is used in the production.

(Rayk Mende, Aldi South)

In autumn, washable reusable wear nets will be introduced. Of the so-called “knapsacks”, as the thin bag on the fruit stands hot, were in the past year in Germany, according to the Ministry of Environment over three billion pieces needed. The number has been increasing since customers tried to save the paid bags at checkout.


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