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Aldi introduces new labeling: Customers will soon find important reference to many products


Aldi and Edeka want to make their waste collection easier for their customers. In the future, easy-to-understand pictograms will help the private label products of the retail giants to disassemble and properly dispose of the packaging after use. The label should be introduced step by step from spring, the companies said on Tuesday.

Edeka emphasized that up to 60 percent of the yellow tonnes still contain waste that did not belong there. According to surveys, this is also because many consumers are not always clear what exactly belongs to which collection system. With the recycling guide in the form of a coloured pictogram should be given here a practical help.

Aldi illustrated the problem with an organic yoghurt cup. “The cup is made of plastic, the lid is made of aluminium, and the banderole is paper, and if the three components are not separated, they can not be recycled properly,” the company said. Lid and cup were – separately – in the yellow bin, the banderole in the paper bin.

Aldis also reveals that the company sees the process as an “important step in the ALDI packaging mission”. Bit by bit, all the own brands Aldis should be equipped with the hints. According to Aldi, the information is particularly important for products that are often disposed of incorrectly – in other words, in particular for multi-part packaging, as Aldi illustrates using the yoghurt cup as an example.

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