Aldi introduces new Compact Living range

Discount supermarket Aldi is helping Brits who live in space starved flats and houses make the most out of their rooms with its new Compact Living range. While Britain’s homes are rising in value, they are also shrinking in size according to industry figures. The average size of a new-built, three-bedroom home in the UK outside London is currently 88.9 square metres – 4sqm smaller than the Government’s own guideline of 93sqm.

With the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) dubbing these homes ‘rabbit hutches’1, its research also shows that lack of space is the most common cause of dissatisfaction people cite in relation to their homes. The Aldi Compact Living Range, which is available in stores from 23rd February, includes everything homeowners need to maximise their small spaces and kitchens. From small-scale appliances, such as a Table Top Dishwasher (£149.99), Table Top Fridge (£59.99), Mini Oven with Hob (£59.99) and a Mini Fryer (£16.99), to space saving utensils like Nesting Frying Pans (£29.99).

Tony Baines, Managing Director for Corporate Buying at Aldi comments: “We appreciate that lots of homeowners and renters are pushed for space and not everyone needs or can accommodate full-sized kitchen items in the modern world. Our Compact Living range responds to these changing consumer needs, offering city dwellers and space-savvy customers a selection of compact products and appliances which are great-value and don’t compromise on style.”

And statistics also show that new-built homes are now nearly 10sqm smaller than those built in 2003 when the average was 98.8sqm outside London. Due to decreasing sizes, buyers and renters alike are being forced to embrace ‘micro living’ across the country as average housing space differs by region – a three bedroom property in London is now 25sqm bigger than those built in Yorkshire.