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Aldi has the best value for money Easter meals at £3 per head



It is a festival time with Easter approaching. Once again Aldi has proven that no other supermarkets could beat them on price. An Easter meal with eggs buns and booze for one person costs just £3 in Aldi. Whereas an Easter meal from Marks and Spencer for one person costs £5.6, which was the most expensive in the list. If purchased from Aldi one could serve a holiday feast for eight people with a leg of lamb, a chocolate egg, two bottles of wine for as little as £24.72. The figures were revealed in a study conducted by Good Housekeeping.

Thanks to the supermarket price wars, this would be the cheapest Easter in recent time. The Aldi meal which  provides lamb leg, two bottles of bubbly, hot cross buns and an Easter egg is already becoming huge hit and made the discounter chain the top favorite place to shop for Easter beating Waitrose, Asda and M&S among other big names.

Aldi Spokesman Tony Baines said: “This result proves that, yet again, we won’t be beaten on price. “We’re delighted that we can offer shoppers great quality products at everyday low prices, not just at Easter, but all year round.” Morrisons was the next cheapest at £27.17, costing £3.39 per person.

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