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Aldi has better customer service than the big four


Different surveys suggests that the German discounter Aldi has the best customer service in UK, beating Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s’. The survey conducted by trade bible The Grocer suggests that Aldi performs much better than the Big four supermarkets in the country when it comes to the customer service.

Aldi, along with its co-patriot discounter Lidl has been a constant headache for the English supermarkets with lowered price tags and own label alternatives. Now, topping the customer service table would make them more dearer to the shoppers. Aldi won the best in both service and value category in the survey results.

Judges awarded the store 77 out of 100 for customer care, car parking, store layout, checkout times and availability on the shelves at its Lewisham, south London store. The worst performer was the battling supermarket Asda which came in the last position with a poor score of 38 and zero for availability as five out of 20 items on a shopping list were out of stock. The Grocer said they were disappointed with Asda: “Pot holes riddled its car park, boxes and cages were left in aisles, produce was untidy and only four checkouts were open.”

Morrisons scored 62, Tesco got 68 and Sainsbury’s was second with 74. The score for Waitrose was 71/100 and The Grocer said of the Hailsham store: “Staff though helpful, were difficult to locate.” Shoppers buying a range of items from fruit juice, cheese, milk, potatoes, fish and ready meals would pay £41.17 at Aldi compared with £48 at Morrisons, £49.11 at Asda, £51.33 at Tesco, £54.75 at Sainsbury’s and £60.52 at Waitrose. Aldi was also found to have the cheapest basket in the magazine’s weekly comparison of 33 products and was £10 cheaper than Tesco and £13 less than Sainsbury’s.


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