Aldi goes for huge investments in Irish and UK retail sector

The German giant continued its expansion in UK and Ireland in 2015 and latest updates from Aldi Stores Ltd show that revenues from these two countries rise from £6.89bn to £7.7bn. The number of employees of the group was also increased from 4,000 to 27,963. Aldi, which opened its first outlet in Ireland way back in 1999 now has around 129 stores here. Previous year it announced the creation of further 400 openings. The latest update from Kantar Worldpanel shows that the company has increased its sales by 5.5 percent. Over the past three years Aldi and Lidl’s combined profit share has rised by 7 percent to 23pc share. Aldi was even much ambitious in the market and it resulted in opening 76 new outlets in the UK and Ireland last year followed by 54 new outlets in 2014. Shareholder funds reached £2bn last year which includes accumulated profits of £884m. The staff expenses last year elevated from £507.5m to £596.68m.