Aldi expects to sell 4.2 million red roses before Valentines

Aldi expects to sell 4.2 million red roses before Valentines


German discounter supermarket Aldi has drawn the first blood in the Valentines’ Day price war with offering a a whopping £474 discount on the rose bouquet. Aldi expects to sell 4.2 million red roses before the D day. A Valentines’ Day bouquet of 100 rose stems costs just £25 in Aldi, less than £474 for the similar item from the flower delivery service Interflora. Similarly around a hundred of its sweetheart roses costs 20 times less than the price of  Interflora’s Grand Prix version.

Interflora customers are expected to spend up to £499.99 for bigger rose bud bouquets with diamante studded in. While budget savvy lovers can buy an equally beautiful bouquet of smaller red roses from Aldi for a price almost twenty times cheaper. The discounter sells a stem for just 25p even beats regular supermarkets like Waitrose and Marks& Spencer where they sell rose bouquets for £75. A bouquet of 100 roses costs around £40 at Tesco and £50 at the Co-op.

This for the first time that a discounter supermarket has launched a high profile Valentine’s Day bouquet. For the budget conscious, Tesco, Lidl and C0-op has a single red rose on sale, with a price tag of £2 each. While one could have a rose vase from Aldi for £2.50. It is estimated that a total of £1 billion would be spend on Valentine’s Day gifts of which around £80 million will be spend on flowers and £54 million on lovey-dovey cards.

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