German discounter supermarket Aldi has drawn the first blood in the Valentines’ Day price war with offering a a whopping £474 discount on the rose bouquet. Aldi expects to sell 4.2 million red roses before the D day. A Valentines’ Day bouquet of 100 rose stems costs just £25 in Aldi, less than £474 for the similar item from the flower delivery service Interflora. Similarly around a hundred of its sweetheart roses costs 20 times less than the price of  Interflora’s Grand Prix version.

Interflora customers are expected to spend up to £499.99 for bigger rose bud bouquets with diamante studded in. While budget savvy lovers can buy an equally beautiful bouquet of smaller red roses from Aldi for a price almost twenty times cheaper. The discounter sells a stem for just 25p even beats regular supermarkets like Waitrose and Marks& Spencer where they sell rose bouquets for £75. A bouquet of 100 roses costs around £40 at Tesco and £50 at the Co-op.

This for the first time that a discounter supermarket has launched a high profile Valentine’s Day bouquet. For the budget conscious, Tesco, Lidl and C0-op has a single red rose on sale, with a price tag of £2 each. While one could have a rose vase from Aldi for £2.50. It is estimated that a total of £1 billion would be spend on Valentine’s Day gifts of which around £80 million will be spend on flowers and £54 million on lovey-dovey cards.

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