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ALDI celebrating 1,000th solar roof in its store

asldiSupermarket chain ALDI now has 1000 stores in Germany with solar panel roof tops. The company said in an announcement that more than half of all locations of ALDI SÜD in western and southern Germany produce environmentally friendly electricity with solar power. The new plant would be opened in North Rhine-Westphalia Kerpen.

Mayor Dieter Spürck welcomes the commitment of Aldi towards environment at the official opening of the plant in North Rhine-Westphalia Kerpen:. “As the climate treaty of Paris last year showed that global warming can be limited only by society as a whole, this effort by ALDI SÜD has to be lauded.”

Florian Kempf, Head of Energy Management at Aldi Süd said that the company has been using renewable energy at every possible occasion since 2005. The development of environmentally friendly energy is continuously promoted by the company, he included. “The annual electricity production is around 95 million kilowatt per which would be enough to power a year for more than 27,000 three-person households,” said Kempf. ALDI SÜD has store roofs with ​​photovoltaic panels, which covers an area equivalent to the size of 115 football fields.

Approximately 85 percent of the electricity generated by the plants consumed ALDI SÜD itself, for example for cooling or lighting in the stores. But the electric charging stations, the ALDI SÜD has built around 50 branch locations in the past year, are supplied with the self-produced energy. “The remaining 15 percent we feed into the public grid, thus making green energy available for all. So, we shall actively contribute to a green and sustainable energy in,” said Kempf.

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