Albert Heijn’s superfood ‘cranberries’ voted most misleading product

Albert Heijn’sThe superfood’ dried cranberries from Supermarket giant Albert Heijn was voted as the most misleading product by the foodwatch website. This superfood only had 30% of ingredients from actual cranberries, the rest 68% was from added syrup, the food watchdog said in an announcement. Foodwatch said the supermarket was selling sugar under the guise of superfood. Albert Heijn, thus won the Golden wind egg 2015 from foodwatch.

Albert Heijn pledged to customize the product to double its percentage of cranberries to 60%. Second in the wind egg-election were Liga milk and strawberry biscuits which contain just 0.03% strawberry powder. The light peanut butter from supermarket Plus finished in third place. This peanut butter does contain 30% less fat but 451% more sugars as fat peanuts are replaced with pure corn syrup. Besides Albert Heijn there were other nominees including Plus (peanut butter) and Aldi (pasta with truffles).

The fifth Golden wind egg election had more participants than the previous years. Thirteen thousand consumers voted between 4 and 31 December.