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Albert Heijn to test a new cashier-less format

Albert Heijn is going to test a new kind of cashless store. This is placed at the head office in Zaandam. Sensors and cameras keep track of who unpacks what from which shelf.
When you leave the store, the groceries are automatically settled.

Employees can try it out one by one in the coming months. If that goes well, the system will be further tested. In the store, it is just like taking something out of the fridge at home, according to Albert Heijn. There is no cash register and products no longer need to be scanned.

People open the gates of the store by scanning their debit card. The total amount will be displayed on the screen at the exit. Albert Heijn emphasizes that the system does not use face recognition, the cameras “only record shapes and movements”.

Albert Heijn had already made a few test shops in Amsterdam cashless last year. Users paid by tapping tickets on the shelves with a special pass. In the new experimental store, even that is no longer necessary.

The test store in Zaandam is fourteen square meters in size. When the test in Zaandam has been completed, the store will probably be relocated, but Albert Heijn does not want to say where. According to the supermarket chain, such a store can eventually be placed at any place where a mini supermarket is temporarily needed, such as in the vicinity of offices and new residential areas.

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