The delivery robot will run until 26 July, according to the AH spokesperson. The robot comes into action between 10 am and 4 pm. ,, Visitors to the campus can place their order via the app at the AH to go that is located there. Employees place the order in the robot, which then drives to the location where the customer is located. ”The customer retrieves the groceries themselves from the robot.

The delivery robot was developed by the company TeleRetail. it uses a virtual map to find his way and is equipped with sensors to ensure that it does not hit anything. “It’s really a test,” says the spokesperson. “So we will see afterwards whether he will be seen in the streets.”

The plans were previously presented at the Digital Food conference in Amsterdam by Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize. ,, It already exists abroad. We already have a fully mechanized distribution centre in Zaandam. Developments in this area are going fast, “a spokeswoman told the presentation.

There have been many similar attempts by any giant retailers especially in America, so this initiative may also find a suitable environment to be applied for real this time.

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