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Albert Heijn and Amstelveenvoorelkaar are looking for Shopping Heroes

More and more elderly residents of Amstelveen can use help with shopping. Albert Heijn and Amstelveenvoorelkaar have therefore joined forces and are looking together for people who want to help older residents with their weekly shopping: the so-called Boodschappenhelden.

Renate Joon van Amstelveenvoorelkaar explains: ,, For many elderly people, shopping is the outing of the week. A way to get among people. It also contributes to the feeling of independence when someone can put their own groceries into the basket. But many elderly people need a little help with that. The heroes of our Shopping Team are happy to offer that help. ”However, the Shopping Hero Team could use some expansion now that Amstelveen is getting more and more requests for shopping help. Amstelveenvoorelkaar found an enthusiastic partner in Albert Heijn.

Anita Gorter, supermarket manager Albert Heijn Rembrandthof: ,, The cooperation between Amstelveenvoorelkaar and AH fits well within the strategy of AH, the store for everyone and in this case specifically for elderly people from the neighbourhood. I think the great thing about this promotion is that we have combined the strengths of both parties. The elderly come to shop with us and Amstelveenvoorelkaar recruits via AH Helden for their Boodschappenhelden team, at the place where it all happens. And that too with 7 AH stores in Amstelveen. This way you have a large reach and we hope to make Amstelveners enthusiastic for this campaign and to welcome new Heroes for Amstelveen for each other. ”

The Boodschappenhelden promotion lasts the entire month of October in the various Albert Heijn stores in Amstelveen. In that month Albert Heijn and Amstelveen Voorelkaar want to find as many new Heroes of Heroes as possible. Renate: ,, We are looking for both superheroes, those Amstelveners who go shopping with an older person every week, and flexible heroes, people who occasionally have time to offer help with the shopping. ”During the action month, the team from Amstelveenvoorelkaar regularly present in the various Albert Heijn stores to inspire customers to become a Grocery Hero. More information can also be found on


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