Ahold Capital Markets Days 2012: delivering our strategy


  • Good progress on six-pillar strategy to accelerate growth
  • Multiple initiatives underway in the United States and Europe to drive identical sales growth, deliver multi-channel offering to customers, and expand our geographic reach
  • Existing cost savings program increased to €600 million, to fuel further investments in a better offering and value for customers

Philadelphia, PA, United States of America – Today and tomorrow, Ahold’s senior management is presenting an update of its strategy to analysts and investors. The meeting begins at 6pm EST, and is being webcast live on ahold.com. A detailed program of the event is set out below.

Ahold’s CEO, Dick Boer, said: “We are very pleased with the progress we are making on our strategy, for Ahold to remain successful and at the forefront of the food retail industry.

“In the next two days, we are providing an update on the progress we have made. We will present a number of initiatives for the near future, including acceleration of our multi-channel offering and expansion of our online and offline reach. We are also announcing an increase to our existing cost savings program from €350 million to €600 million, to fuel further investments in creating a better offering and value for customers.

“We continue to improve our competitiveness, drive sales, gain market share and control costs. By performing in the top quartile of our peers in food retail, we want to continue to provide attractive, sustainable returns for shareholders,” Boer said.

Progress on Ahold’s six pillar strategy for growth

Ahold has taken many steps to enable and create growth since the previous Capital Markets Day in the Netherlands 12 months ago. We expanded our geographic reach with store openings and acquisitions in existing and adjacent markets in the United States and Europe. Our online retail operations continued to achieve double-digit sales growth. We have introduced pick-up points in our major markets to allow customers to order online and collect their groceries at designated locations, and we have also created bol.com pick-up points in 59 Albert Heijn stores.

Meanwhile, we continue to refresh and update our existing store base. We have remodeled 50 Giant Landover and Stop & Shop stores and converted nine Albert Compact Hyper stores in the Czech Republic. We are also redesigning the Albert Heijn to go convenience format in the Netherlands.

Going forward, we will:

  • Convert the majority of 82 C1000 / Jumbo stores to Albert Heijn in 2013
  • Double our Albert Heijn store base in Belgium in 2013, where we are on track to operate a minimum of 50 supermarkets by 2016
  • Further invest in our online offering to boost growth at Peapod, albert.nl and bol.com, expanding our home delivery service with increased assortment and an improved proposition
  • Significantly increase test pick-up points in our major markets in 2013 and expand the option for customers to pick up their bol.com products in almost all Albert Heijn stores
  • Increase our existing cost savings program from €350 million to €600 million by including sourcing and promotional expenditures, to fuel investments in a better offering and value for customers

Capital Markets Days agenda

The Capital Markets Days begin at 6pm EST in Philadelphia, PA, United States. The meeting is being webcast live on ahold.com and is available for replay afterwards. The presentations can also be downloaded from ahold.com. The schedule is: (all times EST):

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


18.00 Reshaping retail
Dick Boer, CEO
18.35 Financial update
Jeff Carr, CFO
19.05 Q&A
19.30 Closing
Dick Boer

Click here to view the webcast of day 1.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


7.30 Opening
Dick Boer
7.35 Growing our business in Europe
Sander van der Laan (COO, Ahold Europe)
8.00 Ahold USA: strong position, focused on execution
Carl Schlicker (COO, Ahold USA)
8.40 Customer loyalty @ Ahold USA
Eric Keptner (EVP Marketing, Ahold USA)
9.00 Local execution and driving efficiencies
Bhavdeep Singh (EVP Operations, Ahold USA)
9.20 Break
9.40 Our global online strategy
James McCann (Chief Commercial & Development Officer), Andrew Parkinson (CEO, Peapod)
10.10 Q&A
10.50 Closing
Dick Boer

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