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AH, Jumbo and Lidl to get plofkip off their shelves

aldiThree large supermarkets announced their plans to stop selling the Chicken variety called as plofkip and replace it by more animal-friendly chicken and chicken cuts. Albert Heijn and Lidl would do this from 1 January and mid-February next year. The supermarkets already announced in 2014 that they were going to replace the chicken, but switching and organizing would last until the end of 2015.

Animal activists group Wakker Dier in Netherland has been taking the supermarkets on the grain for the cheap meat, kilo bangers and chickens. The new Albert Heijn chicken is a new breed that lives longer and has more living space, said company spokesman Dagna Hoogkamer.

Wakker Dier called the initiatives by these supermarkets as breakthrough. The three supermarkets accounts for almost half of the Dutch kipverkoop. The new chicken breast and chicken leg is a bit more expensive. For a kilo of chicken breast one would have to spend around a Euro.

The supermarket chains announced many times that it would renounce the plofkip, but “this time they have actually met,” the foundation included.  The change applies only to the fresh chicken, not for meat. Of all new Chickens, Jumbo Chicken has the best life. The New Standard chickens life is 49 days. Normally chickens are slaughtered after 36 to 42 days.

The smaller chains like MCD and Boon’s Market also go from early next to replace with better Chicken, with the same health requirements as Jumbo. Most other supermarket chains steps later in 2016 with better chicken.

Since 2012 Wakker Dier implements action against what they call plofkip: the meat of a chicken that grows extremely fast in stables where it lives with twenty per square meter.

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