Age Restrictions On High Caffeine Drinks By Asda and Aldi

Sale of high caffeine energy drinks will be restricted to individuals under the age of 16 from the month of March as announced by Asda and Aldi. European retailers have stated that any individual willing buy a product that contains more caffeine than 150 mg will have to provide an age proof form March 1, 2018 in all the stores across United Kingdom

Statement by Aldi indicates that the age restriction is majorly to address the growing concern regarding the increasing consumption of energy drinks by youngsters.

Asda reveals that they would be introducing age restriction on sales of eighty four products from March 5, 2018. They have made it very clear that as retailers they would aim at providing best customer experiences by offering a wide range of what they prefer, however, they would never sell something that might harness the wellbeing of an individual.

Asda has decided to support parents and government by limiting access to high caffeine drinks. However, side effects of caffeine will be available on the packaging of every product that contains it. Researches have revealed, reporting of caffeine side effects and have also stated the health hazards connected to regular of caffeine intake which involves rapid heart rate.

Any individual younger than 16 would not have access to drinks high caffeine rate and drinks like Red Bull with more than 150 mg of caffeine per litre would be labelled as ‘ not recommended for children’ under the new European Law.