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African exports to China descend by 40 percent




African exports to China fell by 40 percent in 2015, China’s customs office reports. China is Africa’s greatest single trading partner and its interest for African products has fuelled the continent’s recent financial development. The decrease in exports mirrors the recent slowdown in China’s economy. This has, thus, put African economies under weight and to some extent represents the falling estimation of numerous African currencies.

Exhibiting China’s previous year trading figures, customs representative Huang Songping advised that African exports to China aggregated $67bn (£46.3bn), which was 38% down on the figure for 2014. BBC Africa Business Report editor Matthew Davies says that as China’s economy sets out toward what numerous experts say will be a hard finding, its requirement for African oil, metals and minerals has fallen quickly, taking commodity prices lower.

There is likewise less funds coming from China to Africa, with direct investment from China into the mainland falling by 40% in the initial six months of 2015, he says. In the mean time, Africa’s interest for Chinese products is rising. In 2015 China sent $102bn worth of products to the mainland, an expansion of 3.6%. A year ago, South Africa facilitated a China-Africa summit amid which President Xi Jinping declared $60bn of aid and loans, symbolizing the nation’s growing part on the Continent.

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