Africa : The golden opportunity for food logisticians

Africa : The golden opportunity for food logisticians

By Paula Stefan


A combined effervescence of a booming population with  a tremendous food demand and a bursting production of fresh produce is a leading to unprecedent business challenges in African food trades.


The headquarters of well known  Kuhne-Nagel, Damco or Easyfresh might be challenged by a new phenomenon : Explosive African food logistics.


Researchers state that the production of African fresh produce will grow by 2020 around a 150%. It is expected that more than 2/3 of this amazing production will be led to exportation, the rest for local consumption.


At the same time, FAO estimates that the extraordinary production, will not be able to compensate the the extra food flows required to feed the Africans : By 2020 Africa will import, at least, a 100 % more of food, mostly from Europe.


This outlook is not comparable to any other in the world. The African food flows will grant to reefer logisticians a vast number of business opportunities. A spokesman of the reputed “African Association for Food Production and Food Processing”, states ; “ We need to structure logistics and regular paths for inbound and outbound food trades. These paths can only be developed by specialized freight forwarders used to deal with perishables.Only these companies have the expertise to sort out and shortcut the existing physical bottle-necks. Investments in adequate facilities will come together or afterwards, but always thanks to the work of the reefer logisticians”.