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Aeon to hold Group’s first-ever welcoming ceremony of the fall for new employees in Miyagi Prefecture

After the ceremony, a total of 150 new entrants will plant trees in the area affected by the earthquake to
express our wishes for reconstruction
Aeon Co., Ltd. will hold a welcoming ceremony for new employees in Miyagi prefecture on Tuesday, October 2,
2012. This is the first time that the Aeon Group will hold an event to welcome new staff members in the fall.
Under its “Shift to Asian markets” strategy, one of the strategies specified in the Aeon Group Medium-term
Management Plan (fiscal 2011 through fiscal 2013), the Group is striving to accelerate growth across the entire
Asian region, specifically in China and ASEAN markets. As part of our efforts to achieve the Medium-term
Management Plan, we have established a Group-wide Recruitment Plan to hire more than 10,000 talented people
in Japan and abroad for the next three years by 2013, that will consist of global players active in Japan and the rest
of the Asian region. We are engaged in recruiting activities throughout the year in 10 major cities in Japan,
ASEAN countries, China, the UK, and the US.
In line with the global expansion of our recruiting efforts, we have also started to hold Aeon Welcoming
Ceremonies in Asian countries including Japan from this year. The ceremonies were held in the ASEAN region in
January, Japan in April, and China in July 2012, and welcomed 230, 1,500, and 1,000 new employees,
The upcoming event in Miyagi, Japan will invite 150 new employees, including graduates from overseas
universities and those having experience with other firms. As in the welcoming ceremonies held earlier this year
where new employees sent their best wishes to their peers for their professional success in the future, participants
in the Miyagi ceremony will express their best wishes to new members of the Aeon family, fostering comradery as
“Aeon People,” irrespective of location, nationality, or business category.
Under the slogan of “Making our wishes for recovery from 3.11 come true”, both management and employees at
Aeon are working together to support reconstruction efforts in the area devastated by the Great East Japan
Earthquake, such as tree-planting activities of 300,000 trees in the disaster-affected areas and volunteer activities.
The venue of the new employees’ ceremony in Miyagi was selected to provide our new employees with an
opportunity to join these efforts to support the area severely affected by the earthquake and following tsunami,
and thereby gain a deeper understanding of Aeon’s basic principles and values. After the welcoming ceremony,
new employees will visit Aeon Sendai Process Center in Miyagi to plant around 1,500 saplings as a token of
Aeon’s wishes for the recovery of the beautiful natural environment in the region.
Under its unchanging fundamental principles of “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local
communities—with the customer’s point of view as its core,” Aeon will continue to strive to enliven and enrich
the everyday lives of customers as an indispensable “lifeline” provider for their daily needs.

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