Active with Actipan,  backaldrin presents innovative bread for athletes and active people

Asten, 12 September 2015 – backaldrin The Kornspitz Company will present its latest innovation, Actipan – a new bread for athletes and sporty types alike – at iba 2015 in Munich. For many years, the international bakery ingredients manufacturer has actively promoted top athletes and young sports talent.

“Your bread. Your energy”: with the new bread’s slogan, backaldrin intends to build a bridge between peak performance in mass sport and professional sports. “Sport is pure emotion, and athletes are invaluable role models”, says backaldrin owner Peter Augendopler. For this very reason, the family business has for many years been an active promoter of both elite and junior sports. The “Kornspitz® Sports Team” is comprised of top athletes from Austria, Germany, Norway and other countries. “We can also pass the traction of sport on to the bakeries”, says Augendopler. Actipan is the perfect embodiment of this, as it was developed by backaldrin in collaboration with top athletes.

Wholegrain Bread for Active People

The novelty bread is wholly aimed at meeting the nutritional needs of athletes and active people. Developed in accordance with the recommendations of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the wholegrain bread is a basic nutritional building block. Actipan is a rich source of carbohydrates and energy for the physically active. In addition to its high fibre content, Actipan also has a high protein content. As a wholegrain bread, with specially selected milled cereal and legume sprouts, it offers a high proportion of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Of particular interest to athletes and sportspeople are the minerals iron and magnesium, as well as the high content of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine), B1 (thiamine) and B9 (folic acid). Combined with spreads or other foods, Actipan provides everything that active, body-conscious people need on a daily basis. The bread pairs equally well with hearty fare as with sweet combinations. Actipan is perfect for all meals, and even as an in-between snack.

Daily Fuel for Body and Mind

The Institute of Sports Nutrition e.V. in Germany recommends Actipan for fitness nutrition. Suitable for amateur and professional athletes alike, the bread was awarded the institute’s emblem. “Carbohydrates act simultaneously as fuel for the muscles and the brain. Wholegrain bread, therefore, belongs on a physically active person’s daily menu”, says Dr. Johannes Peil, renowned sports physiologist and chairman of the Institute of Sports Nutrition. But peak performance is only attained by those who train diligently: “Nutrition can help athletes, but not work miracles. Enjoyment should also not be forgotten”, says Peil.

Versatile Bread Innovation

Because of the balanced selection of milled grain products, Actipan is easily digested. The full-bodied, well-balanced round flavour is as convincing as the particularly long-lasting freshness and sliceability. When it comes to form and grammage, the product offers versatile applications and can be baked in box shapes or free-form.

Photos/Captions: (© backaldrin The Kornspitz Company, publication free of charge)

Actipan: The new wholegrain bread is wholly aimed at meeting the nutritional needs of athletes and active people.

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