Algeria’s Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal Sunday said the government will ban restriction on people not allowed to travel abroad as part of the process of the National Reconciliation.

The president’s commitments during the electoral campaign are now part of the government’s missions and action plan. The latter is based on five big axes including stability reinforcement, national dialogue promotion, the process of the National Reconciliation and the fight against terrorism, Sellal told Parliament.
There are some bureaucratic hindrances against the full implementation of the National Reconciliation but I promise to take new measures. For example, the president made a strict decision about people who are not allowed to travel outside Algeria. They are free now to go wherever they want without any problem,” he added.
Sellal also said the government commits to complete applicable texts related of laws on political reforms and hold consultations with local elected assemblies and Parliament.
Participative democracy must be concretized. This means any municipal official should consult residents before he mades any decision, he added.