A slight reduction on fuel prices at Asda and Sainsbury’s on the Black Friday

However the second and the third Giant retailers have decided to not participate directly in the annual event, they are participating with another manner.

Asda and Sainsbury’s have declared recently that they are applying a price cut upon their petrol, the reduction will touch the price of unleaded by 1p and 2p off for each litre of diesel to be 118.7p for a litre of unleaded and 129.7p on diesel.

According to CityAM ,  Dave Tyrer Asda’s Senior Fuel Buyer,  said: “Our new national price cap of 118.7ppl on unleaded and 129.7ppl on diesel will be welcomed by the millions of drivers across the UK in the run-up to the festive period. Further decreases in the wholesale market mean we are able to reduce our prices again with Asda’s unleaded price dropped by up to 9ppl since the end of October and now we’re seeing the diesel price drop below £1.30 for the first time in three months.”