A retailers guide to Point of Sale solutions this Valentine’s Day

A retailers guide to Point of Sale solutions this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again; delightful for some, depressing for others, Valentine’s Day means something to everyone. For the reams of lost-looking gentlemen heading to the high street this February, that something is finding the perfect gift, card or flowers for their effortlessly organised wives and girlfriends.

  • This year, Valentine’s – 14th February for all the non-romantics – falls on a Saturday, so there’s above average expectation, not just for couples on their days out; but also for retailers on the dayshift. Shopkeepers up and down the country will be fighting it out to meet increased demand and attract last-minute shoppers looking for flowers, cards, jewellery, chocolate and Spa Day treats.

From UK POS – the UK’s leading manufacturer of point of sale solutions – here’s a brief guide on how to point the panic-buyer to your place:

Sell it on the street

There are a number of ways to drive footfall towards a retail area. A key one being pavement signage. A simple Chalk-board Pavement Sign can provide an invaluable vehicle to promote new products, seasonal products and discounts – particularly in times of high demand. Simply engaging with the public can boost the chances of converting a passer-by into a customer. For Valentine’s Day, the key elements are reminding customers of the event and highlighting that your shop has the solution.

Price to entice

Few people find it hard to resist a bargain. Make the most of Valentine’s this year with clear pricing signage. People tend to get very frustrated and look elsewhere when they can’t find a price-label for an item. In the shop-window or strategically place around the shop, free standing and wall mounting acrylic poster holders provide an effective, user-friendly method of notifying your customers about your discounts and deals.

Exploit the extras

Once the customer is in-store and looking to buy, now is the time to plug the extras. Dump bins and clip strips (which allow you to clip multiple products onto a shelf hanger) can be hugely successful in helping to upsell. Placing these POS solutions near higher value items (ie: chocolates next to champagne) can lead the customer to believe the primary product is incomplete without the supporting act.