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A restaurant at the Kaufland office building in Wrocław


A nearly free-standing restaurant pavilion was erected in front of the headquarters of the Polish branch of Kaufland in Wrocław. The RB Group is responsible for the architectural design.

The restaurant pavilion was built in the place of the former recreational zone. The one-story building was erected near the office building, due to the quite complex utility program of the canteen, it was not possible to build it into the structure of the operating headquarters of the Polish branch of the Kaufland company.

The investment, which is located at Armii Krajowej street, was established in 2017-2018. The elevation of the restaurant is fully glazed, and the green roof seen from the windows of the office building stands out clearly against the background of the car park and visually enriches the space inside the plot.

Then there is a dining area, organized along the glass façade, supplemented with small glazed conference rooms. Level -1 has been developed for the fitness zone.

The restaurant also functions after the opening hours of the main building. The Polish headquarters of the Kaufland company, which forms the building in a linear configuration similar to the letter “L”, is surrounded by a ground-based car park, which is also a reserve for future expansion.


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