A promising and innovative exhibition!

ban_djazagro_300_300EN_ISNFor more than 10 years now, DJAZAGRO has been THE leading event for food industry professionals in Algeria. For professional visitors from the food industry, it has been a key event and an opportunity to meet leading companies in the sector… specialists who have come from all over the world.

An exhibition that is getting bigger!

With 11 weeks before the exhibition opening, 95% of the available exhibition space has already been sold. As certain sectors have developed, the show organization decided to re-think the sections distribution on the show.
Christophe Painvin, the exhibition Director, explains: “This year, DJAZAGRO is showcasing the food products and ingredients sectors. The exhibition is getting bigger and a whole hall will be dedicated to these fast- developing sectors. The Ingredients sector – which includes manufacturers and producers of raw materials, fragrances, ingredients and additives – is being moved to the food products and beverages sector in Hall A. By having a dedicated offer, DJAZAGRO is meeting demands in Algeria – a country which imports 75% of its food products”.

More international than ever before!

Now in its 12th year, DJAZAGRO is planning to be more international than ever before. DJAZAGRO currently has 27 countries represented among its exhibitors: 77% of exhibitors are from outside Algeria and account for 81% of the exhibition’s total surface area.
They are aware of the benefits that the exhibition brings them and come back year after year:

Michel Laure, Manager of AROL Hexagone, a French company that specializes in manufacturing closure systems and which has been exhibiting since 2011, explains to us how DJAZAGRO fits in with its strategic export plan: “Our aim is to have a presence on all the world’s continents, including in Africa. As far as we are concerned, DJAZAGRO is Algeria’s leading exhibition: its influence extends over much of Africa and so we can use it as a platform for our contacts and trade”.

Sylvie Chaumont, Product Manager at AIT Ingredients, which specializes in ingredients solutions for the wheat-flour-bread sector and which has been exhibiting at DJAZAGRO for a number of years gives us her verdict: “For us, this exhibition is an event not-to-be-missed in Algeria. Taking part in it provides us with opportunities to meet professionals involved in Baking, Pastry-making and Cake-making. As a result, we have been able to develop numerous partnerships with bread manufacturers”.

David Cabre Vizcarra is Head of Sales at TECAIRE-CEIE, a Spanish company which manufactures equipment for roasting coffee and cereals. According to him, DJAZAGRO is a “leading trade fair” and he will be using this year’s exhibition to unveil a new technology for roasting cocoa.

Yacine Boulanache is Managing Director of IMB Industrie, an Algerian company that manufactures professional cooking equipment for local authorities. After many years of particiaption, he is approaching this year’s exhibition with complete peace of mind:
“In my opinion, DJAZAGRO is still Algeria’s leading exhibition in the baking, cake-making and cooking equipment sector. Its main asset is that it is well-organized and attended by high-quality exhibitors, meaning that it attracts growing numbers of “interesting” people”.

Many exhibitors are taking part in DJAZAGRO for the first time this year. DYNEMIC, an Indian company specialized in producing food colorings, is one of them. What DJAZAGRO offers is in line with its export policy, as Haresh Patel, the company’s Head of Exports, explains: “our strategy is simple: find an exclusive distributor and develop partnerships with clients throughout North Africa. Because this is the first year we are exhibiting, we can’t compare it with anything, but we are counting on DJAZAGRO to give impetus to our business and help us make contacts that are as fruitful as possible”.

Amel Zeriat is Sales Director at DISTRIM SPA, an Algerian-Spanish chemical distribution company. She tells us what she is expecting from her first year at the exhibition: “it’s an exhibition where professionals who operate in similar areas can meet and seize opportunities. We are counting on DJAZAGRO to help us shore up our position on the market and raise our profile in the eyes of new participants”.

Events designed to facilitate meetings and communication among professionals:

DJAZAGRO is an opportunity for professional visitors to take part in a number of events –not-to-be-missed- which make the exhibition so diverse and rich in expertise:

  • Bakery

    Once again, the Central Pavilion will be hosting a fully-operational bread-baking oven. Pascal Tepper, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman award, will be providing visitors to DJAZAGRO with demonstrations of French bread-making (bread and pastries) and cake-making techniques. Demonstrations organized every day.

  • Kitchen
    New in 2014: DJAZAGRO is teaming up with Electrolux in order to create a new cooking demonstration area. The Kitchen will highlight new cooking products and techniques, using top-of-the-range equipment and accessories from the exhibitors. Cuisine featuring Algerian aromas, fragrances and colours with dishes produced by chefs using local products. An original and unusual experience – not to be missed in Hall A!

    Keep up-to-date with the latest news about the exhibition at www.djazagro.com

    Contact: Marie-Hélène Blondel – 00 33 (0)1 76 77 11 01 – marie-helene.blondel@comexposium.com

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