A  new Kaufland in Ettenheim

The German hypermarket chain Kaufland has announced recently that it will be having a store in Ettenheim Kaufland wants to rebuild its market in Ettenheim on its former location. The traffic development will be improved. The current plan is to have a separate left turn lane in Rheinstraße as the future main access.

The planned construction will have a sales area of ​​4000 square meters and 305 parking spaces. Kaufland currently has over 3400 square meters in Ettenheim, including a separate beverage market, and 211 parking spaces.

The fact that the supermarket chain in Ettenheim suddenly wants to change is not a new thing. After an initially planned relocation of the market to the industrial area Radackern in the vicinity of the Family Center had failed due to regional planning requirements, the focus was on the current location.