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A new grocery store unveils in Bayview District


Bayview District residents of San Francisco had lived without a comfortable supermarket nearby in recent years now has a new option with the unveiling of Duc Loi’s Pantry on Third Street. The new supermarket comprises of 14,000 sq ft and will be managed by local business owners Amanda Ngo and Howard, who is currently operating Duc Loi Supermarket in Mission District. The new store will create around 16 jobs, including seven of them hired from Bayview area. After the closure of Fresh and Easy around two years ago, the city stepped into a comfortable zone for a new retailer. Duc Loi was paired with a business consultant to help the outlet get a $4.1 million Small Business Administration loan that made possible to purchase the land and work through the planning and development process. In addition to that the city provided a grant of $250,000 to pay for exterior and interior layouts, as well as to support in hiring local employees. Mayor Ed Lee commented in a statement that the family operated Duc Loi’s Pantry will be an added advantage to Bayview neighbourhood. Since it is the only store in the spot  it not only provides healthy food options to the Bayview families but it is hiring local residents as its staff and is certainly a community business. The Supervisor Malia Cohen told that the area had waited too long to access to healthy food.

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