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A dark chocolate a day could keep the cardiac doctor away


Scientists have revealed that eating chocolates between 200 and 600mg a day will increases “good” cholesterol. The habit could prevent heart disease and help diabetic patients by reducing  blood sugar and insulin levels. The benefits rely upon the volume of cocoa consumed making plain chocolate better than its white or milk variants. In the study experts analysed  the cardiometabolic health of 1139 volunteers who took chocolate flavanols  in 119 trials.

Dr Simin Liu, director and professor of the Centre for Global Cardiometabolic Health at Brown University, US  told that their meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) describes how cocoa flavanols affect cardiometabolic biomarkers, definitive prevention trials against diabetes and CVD disease in future work. She added that the treatment groups of trials included in our meta-analysis are primarily dark chocolate – a little were using cocoa powder based beverages.

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