A couple of women were requested by a Sainsbury’s supermarket to stop kissing


because of a customer who found it “disgusting.” The Order of the local student association, several dozen people invested the supermarket.
Initially it was to be mere races. But the passage of Annabelle Paige, 22 year old student in literature at the store Sainsbury’s in Brighton, sparked more than a receipt. On Saturday, the girl and his girlfriend are challenged by a store employee, a client came to complain about a kiss shared by two young women, deemed “disgusting.” The store asked young women to stop or leave. An unacceptable response to many students who, at the call of the association of settlement, raided the store in question to protest and demand action for homosexuals.

The story has a particular resonance in Brighton. Considered the gay capital of the UK, the city is home to more than 40,000 lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). The high proportion of the young population, and gay student is more talk about her for her controversial measures around gender rather than for business homophobic discrimination. Especially the scene occurred Oct. 11, when the “National Coming Out Day” during which LGBT are expected to appear in public.

Explain what the quick response of several dozen students and associations that the woman told this story. Especially Annabelle Paige denies deliberately provocative attitude. The Times, she claimed to have exchanged a “light kiss” with his girlfriend. Were “very shocked,” she told “understand that if another client is embarrassed, it’s a bad thing.” But she believes that the other client in question, who said “fear for her child,” was “in a predominantly homophobic approach.” “The employee did not clearly understood, I felt totally humiliated,” said the student.

Operation “Big Kiss”
These remarks prompted Sainsbury’s to react. “This should never have happened,” said a spokesman for the British daily. “It is clear that Miss Paige and his partner did not have behaved inappropiate and we are deeply sorry that they have been treated in this way,” he assured the representative of the firm, explaining that an apology had been made ​​directly the young woman and also announcing a donation to a charity of his choice.

Insufficient for the student organization of the university. The following Monday, “a direct response to the abject revelations” about the scene at the supermarket, the association needs further reaction. Among the requests to include Sainsbury’s including the setting up of training on “issues of equality and diversity” and a public apology. And to assert those claims, the association invites students to participate in a “Big Kiss In” operation launched by a local artist, inside the store. Result: Wednesday, more than a hundred students responded to the call. Holding placards, color rainbow sky and even umbrellas for a couple, a wedding dress, the procession of students invested the store at 18:30.