A CEO who delivers pizza on the weekends

6What Uber is to taxi services is Deliveroo to restaurant food delivery industry. The company’s CEO, William Shu himself delivers pizza on his bike on the weekends and his clients have no clue who he is when he appears with their food, the CEO told reporters in a Web summit in Dublin.

Deliveroo has taken about $100 million in investment funding since its establishment in 2012/2013. The organization is similar to the Uber of eatery food conveyance – it takes a fee from clients and the eateries they order from, and delivers food to your entryway in 30 minutes or less. A year back the organization had 12 employees, today it has around 250 crosswise over 30 urban areas in the UK and 15 in Europe.

Shu conveyed food himself consistently for the initial 10 months of the company’s history. “Despite everything I still do it on the weekends,” he says. “Not each week, but rather I do it for fitness and for fun.” Yet just a bunch of people understand that the fellow on the bike with their supper is the CEO of the organization, and one of Britain’s best new tech business visionaries.

Shu lives in the Fitzrovia area of London and principally delivers in that locale and neighborhood of Mayfair.