A 24-hour Carrefour in every arrondissement of Paris

Carrefour launched itself in convenience stores open 24/24 in the capital. After a first test, the group aims to open several in Paris and major French cities.

“We would like to eventually have a 24-hour department store in Paris and major cities, and be recognized for this service, the same way we know the pharmacies on duty that stay open at night,” Alexandre de Palmas, Executive Director of Carrefour Proximity, does not mince words when it comes to speeding up small stores.

Its mission is to open 220 points of sale per year on this format by 2022 in France; to say that all possible locations are closely watched! To make a difference in this highly competitive sector, it is betting on open stores.

Since January 28th, Carrefour has been testing its very first 24-hour store; this Carrefour City is located at 42 avenue de la Motte-Picquet, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris: “We receive several hundred customers. Some even do their shopping of the week in the middle of the night. We feel there is a need. The service, already offered in Italy and Belgium, intends to be deployed in France. For now, Alexandre de Palmas wants to open “6 to 7” units in Paris to mesh the capital, but hopes to quickly move to a store by district open continuously: “The goal is that all Parisians are less ten minutes of a Crossroads open 24 hours a day when traffic is fluid “. The idea will also work oil in major French cities, without further details to date.

In this conquest of Paris, Franprix is ​​also trying stores continuously open for a year, in Paris. To date, the urban sign Casino has 55 so-called autonomous units (late openings in the evening, Sunday-afternoon, or H24) Only 4 or 5 of them do not lower the curtain at night.