8.1% increase in Walmart revenues during 2018

Walmart revenues in Mexico grew 8.1 percent during 2018, totaling 503 thousand 692 million pesos while gross profit rose 8.6 percent to 114 thousand 235 million pesos, informed Guiherme Loureiro and Olga González, president and financial director of the company in Mexico and Central America.

With these figures, Walmart accumulated 4 consecutive years growth above the partners of the National Association of Self-Service Stores and Departmental (Antad) but in 2018 the differential was higher with “3.5% of base points” higher than the organization, said Loureiro .

In presenting Walmart’s annual results in a conference call, executives pondered that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased by two digits, or 11.6 percent, to total a total of 51,662 million pesos, representing 10.3 percent of all the company’s revenues.

The results in Mexico “were solid” and in 2018 “we made progress in our goal of being the leading omnichannel retailer in Mexico,” said Olga González. He specified that in the fourth quarter of last year, the company’s revenues grew 6 percent to 145,886 million pesos compared to the same period of 2017.