78 percent says no to Tesco’s £5 plastic carry bags

Tesco claims that after it introduced £5 plastic carry bags, the usage has declined to about 78 percent. Recently released figures from the supermarket chain propose induction of the charge has radically diminishing the quantity of plastic packs being given out. Tesco started charging for plastic bags since early October.

The cash raised from the sale of plastic packs will be given to philanthropic activities. The grocer aims to raise around £30 million from selling these £5 plastic carry bags in a span of next twelve months.

Environment minister Rory Stewart praised the effort by Tesco saying that the 5p plastic sack charge is beginning to have a real effect and is raising a good amount of money for noble cause. Tesco’s decision to charge plastic carry bags were lauded by many. Many see it as an act to save the world from plastic waste, one of the biggest environmental concerns.

With the reduced number of takers for plastic bags, the manufacturing has also decreased; eventually resulting in reducing plastic waste.

The quantity of carry bags given out by the seven noteworthy super markets in England rose to 7.6 billion a year ago. The 5p charge on plastic bags has been executed following 2011 in Wales, and in the course of the most recent four years the nation has seen a 71 percent drop in the utilization of plastic carry bags.