7 Facts About German Companies Food Culture During Christmas

More than a third of German companies renounced their Christmas Party this year (39 percent). Those who celebrated, however, served mostly high-quality food and a great variety of vegetarian dishes. LEMONCAT, the online marketplace for business catering, presents 7 takeouts from its current study on celebrating and feasting at Christmas company events in 2016.

  1. Eight percent of the surveyed companies said they organized a company Christmas party for the first time in 2016.
  2. Improving the atmosphere at work is the number one reason to organize a Christmas party for 62% of the companies to which LEMONCAT talked.
  3. Both management and employees are aware of the positive effect of social get-togethers: nobody wants to see a waste of money and resources in the Christmas celebration. Only 8 percent of surveyed companies considered organizing a Christmas celebration an unnecessary burden in December.
  4. For 62 percent of respondents, the food needs to be diverse, high-quality and creative. This result confirms the IfD Allensbach study carried out in 2016, which said that the majority of German consumers are willing to pay more for good quality. On the other hand, 8 percent of all companies interviewed made the price of the food their major concern: catering must be affordable.
  5. The classics are dishes that contain either only vegetables, (22 percent) or vegetables and meat (15 percent). Pure meat dishes follow on the third place (9 percent).
  6. Vegetarian products are now considered a “Must have” by both companies and catering providers. Even a traditional Christmas dinner has to offer a great variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Vegetarians can feast on 36 percent of the Christmas buffet, Vegans 24 percent.
  7. In addition to international cuisine (47 percent), German (12 percent) and French (14 percent) are the most popular.