7-Eleven and Jones soda announces new 7-Select Premium sodas

334652-480x2997-Eleven, the world’s largest convenience retailer and Jones Soda, a leading premium beverage company has announced the launch of 7-Select Premium sodas. This will be the first premium carbonated beverage in the 7-Select private label lineup. This premium soda will come in five different  flavors: Twisted Citrus, Fruit Loose, Cocolocolilinut, Tropical Slam Rambutan and Bluesberry Smash.

Each one of these sodas, according to the company, is produced with  natural flavors, lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Jones Soda in a statement announced that the sugar content of these sodas ranges from just 180 to 195 calories per 20-ounce bottle. The newly released assortment includes a 75 mg caffeine content per serving. The beverage has got an attractive tagline that says, “This is no ordinary soda.”

“Our customers have a voice, and we used their input to develop 7-Select premium sodas,” said Jennifer Cue, CEO of Jones Soda Co., “incorporating internationally inspired flavors into a refreshing lineup. These exclusive drinks offer premium ingredients, great taste and a caffeine kick. With fewer calories per serving than the national brands, we believe we have created an ideal product for the 7-Eleven customers of today and tomorrow.”

“We want every 7-Select product to be best in class,” said Sean Thompson, vice president of Private Brands, “and work to ensure each item stands out because it has the highest quality, the best value, is unique in the market and only available at 7-Eleven. Jones was the perfect partner to create a premium soft drink unique enough to carry both the 7-Select and Jones brands.”