4th edition of the Carrefour Sustainable Development Awards

Carrefour rewards 4 French companies
for their performance in terms of sustainable development
On Wednesday 28 November Carrefour presented its Sustainable Development
Awards in the presence of Isabelle Autissier, President of WWW France and
President of the Jury. For the 4th year running, the store has awarded prizes to its
French suppliers, chiefly SMEs in 4 categories: Market Products, Mass
Consumption Products, Non-Food Products and Progression.
With this 4th edition, Carrefour encourages the global sustainable development
policy of its partners and their local know-how, in particular their relationships
with local producers, their social policy as well as innovation and performance at
the service of sustainable development.
Working in partnership with French SMEs, a longstanding commitment
Since the creation of no name products in 1976, Carrefour has worked with many
French companies and SMEs throughout the territory to boost the local
economies, promote employment and offer its clients quality products
manufactured locally.
In 2006, to support the SMEs in their sustainable development procedure,
Carrefour made available to its own brand suppliers a self-diagnostic tool created
with the participation of ADEME and the WWF. This tool is intended to reduce the
ecological footprint of Carrefour products and helps to assist these companies to
progress with their sustainable development policy. Good practice tips sheets are
made available to them to encourage them in their progressive approach.
Self-diagnosis is an accessible tool on a web platform that enables Carrefour
suppliers to self-evaluate on-line in 4 areas of sustainable development: corporate
management and policy, environmental responsibility and economic
Following on from this tool, the Carrefour Sustainable Development Awards
were created to reward the store’s suppliers who are most committed in terms
of sustainable development.
Awards which pay tribute to French producers
This year the Carrefour Sustainable Development Awards were won by 4 French
companies who put sustainable development at the heart of their strategy. A jury
of eight personalities within and outside the company met to deliberate and
chose to reward 4 suppliers who achieved a noteworthy performance in the selfdiagnostic
tool, as confirmed by an audit carried out by an independent firm.
The 4 winners of the Carrefour Sustainable Development Awards
– Château de Nages of the company Fruits et Compagnie, situated in Caissargues in the
Gard, won the award in the Market Products category. The fruit packaged at this site is
supplied by 33 producers from the South of France: apricots, peaches, nectarines, apples,
pears, etc. For the Carrefour Quality Commitment, Reflections of France and Carrefour
Discount ranges The jury were impressed by the quality of the back-up of its local
producers and by its Eco-Responsible Orchards (hedge maintenance, setting up of
biological control, etc.), and their ferti-irrigation (innovative underground watering system
which helps reduce its water consumption by 30%).
– In the Mass Consumption Products category, it was Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye that made
the difference: this 220 employee SME situated in Lonlay L’Abbaye in the Orne has been a
partner of Carrefour for 36 years. The company produces biscuits, cookies and shortbread
for the Carrefour Bio, Reflets de France and Carrefour Nutrition ranges. It was rewarded for
its integration of sustainable development at every level of its strategy. In terms of the
social component, it pays special attention to the ergonomics of the workstations, has set
up measures for seniors and signed an agreement on disability (several dozen employees
have also been given training in facilities for disabled persons at the site). The biscuit
factory also acts on the environmental level via the eco-design of its products to reduce its
carbon footprint to the maximum.
– Arc International which has produced glasses and glass crockery for 10 years for the
Carrefour Home and Carrefour Discount ranges, won the award in the Non-Food category.
The sustainable development procedure forms an integral part of its strategy. The
international leader in its field, this company stands out firstly for its historic French knowhow
in the crockery sector since 1825. This economic player participates fully in the local
dynamic; what is more, it is a company that is strongly involved in its environment. Arc
International works on reducing its waste and has also incorporated the principle of
recycling; it recovers 93% of the glass waste from the production chain.
– The Progression Award rewards a supplier for its progress in terms of sustainable
development, whatever its category: this year, it was awarded to Bodin, a biological
products subsidiary of the company Gastronome, situated in Saint-Hermine in Vendée.
This company has slaughtered and packaged chickens and capons for 10 years for the
Carrefour Bio range. Astronome has been developing its bio subsidiary for several years in
close partnership with local breeders, who benefit from major technical assistance in their
conversion to biological farming. The SME takes particular care of the well-being of its
animals by means of quality monitoring of their diet, health and living environment in the
open air.
About Carrefour in France
Carrefour is present in France in 4 formats (hypermarket, supermarket, convenience store and
cash&carry) and more than 4,500 stores. For the past fifty years, Carrefour has been established
as the partner in the daily life of millions of customers, offering them a wide choice of products
and services at the best price. In all its activities Carrefour takes economic, social and
environmental responsibility and is committed to the quality of its products and its customers’
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