44 high value acquisition targets named in Plimsoll’s 2014 Fruit Wholesalers & Importers Analysis

The Fruit Wholesalers & Importers Market has a long tradition of seeing vulnerable businesses taken over by rescuers keen on a bargain. However, a new report by market analysts Plimsoll says this could all change in 2014.

Plimsoll’s latest market analysis has identified 44 high valuation acquisitions allowing opportunity for some business to move into the growing and profitable areas of the market.

David Pattison, Plimsoll’s senior analyst, explained: “It is a long standing debate, when considering an acquisition, do you buy cheap or high value? In reality, most people’s idea of an acquisition is to wait until the business has declined so far meaning the only option is for a new owner to come in and save the business – essentially spending peanuts. However we feel this approach needs to change. The acquisition strategy should be based on the direction of the current market.

“In many cases the weak and heavily indebted businesses identified in the study will just be allowed to fail, thus creating the space and opportunity for the financial strong companies to move in. An acquisition strategy must be built on the future direction of the market.”

More findings from Plimsoll’s Fruit Wholesalers & Importers concluded that:

4 companies are privately owned and are highly profitable – they offer opportunity to move into the very rich areas of the Fruit Wholesalers & Importers market.
20 firms have an average director’s age of over 64– these companies offer once in a generation chance to buy a mainstay of the UK Fruit Wholesalers & Importers industry.
20 businesses only have two shareholders and are growing at over 10% – a chance to consider one of these companies and enter the growth areas of the Fruit Wholesalers & Importers market.
This is just a selection of the types of company on view in the full report. It will allow you to navigate the arguments on which company to buy and assess each company’s value and future prospects. So if you’re looking to buy companies then the Plimsoll Analysis is the place to start.