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43 percent of Austrain start-ups are by women


Although women at management level, supervisory boards and in politics are under-represented, apparently more dare to step towards independence. 43 percent of start-ups in Austria were made by women in 2015 contrasted to ten years ago when the figure was only 37 percent, said the National Chairman of “Women in Business, Martha Schultz, in an interview with APA.

Currently, about one in three individual companies in Austria (35 percent) are headed by a woman, according to the Chamber of Commerce. The highest proportion of the women in the country is still working in typical “women’s jobs” such as hairdressing, foot care, cosmetics, fashion and clothing, the lowest in the industry and transportation, industry and banking and insurance. In terms of education women have long been on the fast track: In 1980 only 20 percent of women and 21 percent of men matriculated. The matriculation examination pass rate for women was 51 percent in 2014 and that of men was 36 percent.

Although Schultz holds the data for “Best”, “Satisfactory,” she clarified, the biggest problem is still the reconciliation of work and family. On the occasion of the forthcoming Women’s Day takes Schultz therefore calls for increasing the attendance rate for children under three years to 33 percent according to the Barcelona targets on again.The care periods should also be adapted to the working hours, since 80 percent of the facilities are already closed at 18.00. In the age of the deductibility of childcare costs of ten was extended to 14 years old.

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