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27 Canadian meat companies eligible to export to Ukraine



There are currently 27 Canadian beef and pork processors qualified to export meat to Ukraine. The federal government announced that 15 Canadian companies that were evaluated by Ukraine in September have been affirmed, opening the entryways wider to meat exports as a feature of the Canada Ukraine Free Trade Agreement.

The assertion, negotiated last July, is intended to increment trade between the two nations and take out all non-agrarian taxes and by far most of Ukraine’s rural levies, including on Canadian beef, certain pork, beats, grains, fish, fish, canola oil, handled food and animal feed, said a government news release.

The Ukrainian market for Canadian beef and pork is assessed to be worth up to $50 million a year.  The two nations’ aggregate exchange found the middle value of $293 million from 2012-14, and the legislature said it is relied upon to extend by 19 percent once CUFTA is completely executed.

In 2014, Ukraine imported $17 million worth of beef and $193.6 million worth of pork from around the globe, and Canada needs to expand its offer of that aggregate.  By of CUFTA discharged in July, Canadian pork will get obligation free access on new and chilled item, and an obligation free tax rate amount on solidified pork and some offal will increment to 20,000 tons from 10,000 tons over a seven-year period.

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