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Morrisons hold event to register potential blood stem cell donors for World Blood Cancer Day

Morrisons hold event to register potential blood stem cell donors for World Blood Cancer Day
Ahead of World Blood Cancer Day on the 28th of May, colleagues at the Morrisons support centre in Bradford are helping to save the lives of those with a blood cancer. They will be taking a few minutes to swab the inside of their cheeks to register as potential blood stem cell donors as part of an event held with the charity Delete Blood Cancer UK.

A blood stem cell donation is the only chance of survival for many blood cancer patients who will die if a matching donor isn’t found for them. Sadly, many patients will not find a matching donor. This isn’t because a match doesn’t exist, it’s simply because there aren’t enough people registered as donors. Patients are most likely to find a matching donor from a similar ethnic background and patients with more diverse ethnic backgrounds tend to have more diverse HLA types, making it more difficult to match them.

That is why Delete Blood Cancer UK works to increase the size and diversity of the blood stem cell registry, and the employees of Morrisons are supporting the charity by registering as potential blood stem cell donors.
Speaking about supporting the charity, David FJ Scott, Head of Corporate Affairs at Morrisons, said “We’re delighted to be able to support Delete Blood Cancer UK and hold this event here at our support centre. We’ll also be publicising the scheme to colleagues across Morrisons who may want to register themselves individually.”

Thanking Morrisons for their support, and emphasizing how easy it is to register, Ashlie Caddick, donor recruitment manager at Delete Blood Cancer UK, says: “Thank you to Morrisons for supporting our work to find a matching donor for every patient in need of a blood stem cell donation. Anyone who registers at today’s donor recruitment event could go on to save a life, and all because they took the time to register.

“It is so easy to register as a potential blood stem cell donor. It takes a few minutes to do but it could lead to you giving decades to someone else.”

You can register in five minutes online and request a cheek swab kit that will enable you to do your own tissue test to go on the database to maybe one day become a blood stem cell donor through the Delete Blood Cancer UK website:

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