Asda ends its charity programs


Walmart owned UK supermarket Asda has decided to make an end to its food bank and green token among many of its other charity programs. The abrupt end to the charity schemes was announced by Asda management in a meeting between the supermarket chain and Charity representatives.

“I was called to a meeting at the local Asda last Tuesday,” said Amanda Bloomfield, a representative of the Gatehouse Food Bank in Bury St Edmunds.  “I met the community representative and some management staff and was basically told that they had been to an Asda conference, and with immediate effect unmanned collections were no longer allowed. The good that had been donated up to that point was to be removed immediately, and there were to be no more collections. There was no reason given.”

There are a number of charity institutions in UK who completely rely on the supermarket for their operations. Most of these organisations will now have to find new volunteers to stay alive.  Currently all that the volunteers have to do is to collect food once in a week. Asda is reportedly removing the charities from its stores without prior notification.

English newspaper  The Guardian reports as saying by an Asda spokesperson that the chain would allow charities to remain in stores, but “we just ask that volunteers are on hand to talk to customers and explain where their donations are going. We know this personal interaction helps to increase the amount of donations received.”


Asda however said that this move to cease charity programs in its store had nothing to do with the company’s current attempts to cut its operational expenses.