2017 Business Leadership Award to Company That Conducts No Job Interviews

The business case for social justice is being presented this week in a three-prong effort by the creator of brownies used in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Greyston, New York State’s first registered benefit corporation, issued a statement “On Inclusion” in advance of receiving at the Specialty Food Association Business Leadership award ceremony in California on January 22.  And its brownies are being served on the Mall this week at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

“I am honored to be recognized on behalf of the pioneering work we do every day at Greyston” says Greyston CEO Mike Brady, “especially now, when inclusion is so critically important in American life. Through Open Hiring™, we are eliminating systemic barriers to employment so everyone willing to work has a fair chance to obtain and keep a job.  It’s what responsible businesses need to do to enhance brand, retain millennials, and create the kinds of communities in which we all want to live.”

The company that invented and practices Open Hiring™ at the word class Greyston Bakery is now establishing a new benchmark for corporate social responsibility.  Producing 35,000 pounds of brownies every day for Ben and Jerry’s, Greyston sees the success of business through the lens of people and community.  “What we do is first and foremost about people – and about systems, changing and creating new systems that meet social, environmental, and financial needs.  It upends traditional hiring practices that focus on spending to screen people out and instead makes an investment to include people and support their success.”

The Greyston statement “On Inclusion” goes on to explain that “…we measure success every day — and over the long-term.  Success for Greyston is not a trade-off where we short the next generation to make outsized profits today.  We must not sacrifice the future of our children to satisfy our near-term desires.”

The Association’s awards recognize industry frontrunners who have gone above and beyond in advancing not only industry food standards but are also creating social, economic and environmental impact through innovation and vision.

“These six individuals are leading examples of specialty food entrepreneurs who are truly making a difference,” said Phil Kafarakis, president of the Specialty Food Association. “In our growing industry, leaders like these are paving the way for other companies to succeed and become recognized names. It’s our honor to acknowledge their achievements through the Leadership Awards.”

For the full statement “On Inclusion” from Mike Brady: www.Greyston.com/inclusion/