Amazon’s announcement that they will increase the minimum wage of their workers to $ 15 an hour has been compared to one of the most recognized business strategies in history.

This is the one used in 1914 by Henry Ford, founder of the iconic car manufacturer of the same name. That year Ford made the decision to pay US $ 5 a day to its employees, something that at the time was a lot of money.

Experts from the US considered that the decision is a “public relations victory” considering that President Donald Trump is constantly attacking the company, and now Amazon appears “improving the lives of its workers.”

Nationally, Amazon is the second-largest employer after Walmart, which means that its decisions can set a trend in the labour market.

Until now Amazon paid a minimum salary of US $ 11 per hour to its full-time workers. According to the firm, the average salary in storage centres is much higher.

In the United States, the average income of workers in the retail sector is US $ 13.20 per hour and the minimum wage, in general, is US $ 7.25, a value that has not changed since 2009.


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