The charging points are to be set up in early 2020 in front of 60 Berlin supermarkets. At night, the vehicles of Volkswagens car sharing service Weshare are to be loaded there, which will be launched in Berlin at the end of June.

Shortly before VW starts its electric car sharing service “We Share” in Berlin, the company has entered into a strategic partnership with the Schwarz group, which includes the retail chains Lidl and Kaufland. In front of 60 Lidl and ten Kaufland stores in Berlin, 140 public charging points are to be set up, as Volkswagen announced on Wednesday. During opening hours, the charging points can be used by supermarket customers, from 23 to 6:30 they are reserved for the Weshare fleet.

By February 2020, three charging stations will be set up in three phases. Most of them are fast charging stations with a capacity of 50 kilowatt hours, at which two cars can load in parallel – one

In June, after a test phase with Volkswagen, its Volkswagen car sharing service Weshare will be the regular entry point for Volkswagen. Initially, the fleet will consist of 1,500 E-Golf vehicles and will be increased by 500 vehicles of the E-Up model at the beginning of 2020. The launch of the fleet will also add Model ID 3 vehicles. According to Volkswagen, an e-Golf needs an average of 45 minutes to charge at a fast charging point.

According to Volkswagen, the 140 new charging points mean an expansion of the public charging infrastructure in Berlin by 20 percent. The company estimates that about 50 percent of charging happens at home, 20 percent at work, five percent on the highway, and 25 percent in public places. Cooperations with supermarket chains are attractive because they have a network of different locations and enable customers to easily load their e-car while shopping. VW had announced on 6 June that it wants to set up 36,000 charging points across Europe by 2025, many of them together with partners.


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