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138 E.Leclerc stores engaged in alternative energies: concrete results!


The E.Leclerc centers signed a commitment to develop alternative energies and in particular to equip themselves with photovoltaic panels. 138 stores have already registered to carry out this project which is accompanied by the brand at the national level (technical diagnosis, choice of service providers, financing file).

In this photo, we see a first photovoltaic realization: 2.200m2 of solar panels for an annual production of 375,000 kWh / year. This is still only 7% of the consumption of hyper but the initiative already offsets all the production of cold. This is the 34th installation of this program. Congratulations to the teams of Thierry who testify that in Normandy, the sun remains a safe bet.

Thierry Aumont comes from a family of traders from Normandy for 3 generations. After going through all the positions of a hypermarket, he opened his own store in 2005 in Menneval. He is a boy very involved in the life of the group (in turn responsible for the internet, the Edel bank and today the commercial strategy). So he wants to be exemplary in his companies.

Source: michel-edouard-leclerc

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