13 years of Carrefour’s support for Romanian Producers

The long term strategy of Carrefour Romania aims to develop partnerships with local producers, through actions that encourage the use of Romanian products, with the aim of supporting the Romanian economy!

At a national leval, Carrefour Romania continues this commitment through the collaboration with over 1.500 romanian suppliers and by developing specific programs, with the purpose of offering consumers access to Romanian Products.

“For the past 13 years we have been encouraging the consumption of Romanian products by developing these projects that are very dear to us and that have brought us rewards worth the effort we invested in order for them to become reality. In the partnerships with Romanian Producers, we’ve always sought the advantages for both parties, even though the work behind such projects is very difficult. On one side,we wish to support the Romanian economy by offering to the producers solutions that help grow their business and reduce costs. On the other hand, our priority is to satisfy the needs of our clients through fresh, high quality products”, has stated Andreea Mihai, Marketing Director at Carrefour Romania.

The partnerships on this axis have a direct positive impact on the Romanian economy by:
• generating new jobs and consolidating local businesses;
• shortening transport distances for raw materials and final products, which translates in a lower footprint on the environment and a lower cost for the end consumer.

Another important action for Carrefour is developing the Private Label products in Romania.
Out of the approximatelly 1.500 local suppliers, many of these are involved in developing Carrefour Private Label Products in Romania.

“The Carrefour Private Label products would be easier to import, as the majority of retailers are doing, but we have chosen the hard way – developing, throughout entire months, in accordance with the product manuals, of a series of products made by Romanians, for Romanians”, continues Andreea Mihai.

Carrefour Quality Chain for pork meat, potato and carrots is another initiative developed by Carrefour in order to support the local economy. The products distributed under this label are obtained through responsible activities that ensure the protection of the soils and the environment and are 100% originated from local agriculture. The product quality is obtained by careful monitoring of the whole process of vegetable and animal rearing.

The newest program implemented by Carrefour Romania is the partnership with the Bio Romania Association through which consumers were granted access, starting with July 2013, to the products of the Association’s products. The products are processed right in heart the Romanian villages, from fruits and vegetables, honey and herbs that are traditionally grown, and respecting, at the same time, the European Regulations for organic products. Bio Romania’s Products are available in Carrefour Hypermarkets throughout the country.