10p per litre off, fuel prices at Morrisons

Morrisons offers 10 p per litre off for its petrol prices for those who spend more than £50 in Morrisons.
customers are able to have a Coupon once they buy more than £50 in Morrisons and use it to have the deal, this offer is available from today till December 9th.
Morrisons’ head of fuel Ashley Myers, said: “With the festive season just round the corner, this is a welcome saving for the nation’s motorists to help them afford the cost of Christmas.”

those who often shop at Morrisons can pick up a voucher for every £50 shop, but they can not spend them all at once when paying for the fuel at the station. The voucher can be used just once and valid for only one vihcle. Customers will not have the discount if they fill up more than 100 litres.
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